Rental Info

  Our Large Fountain Cocoamotion has both large and small fountains available. Rental cost for the smaller chocolate fountain, which we recommend for 100 and fewer guests, is $299.00. Rental cost for the larger chocolate fountain, accommodating over 100 guests, is $399.00. Our services include the following:

        ~ Delivery to your event within Summit County (a fee may apply to other destinations)

        ~Setup of our fountain and decorative fabric to match your color scheme

        ~Two hours of running time with a professional, friendly, helpful attendant

         ~Bamboo Skewers

         ~Tear down and clean up of the fountain

         ~And of course, plenty of gourmet chocolate!

There are different options to choose from for providing your dipping items. You should check with your banquet facility to be sure they will permit “outside catering” for these items. They may require they supply any food items. If the facility allows it, you may furnish your own dipping items, or Cocoamotion can provide your dipping items for only $1.25 per person. We’ll serve fresh strawberries, cherries, creme puffs, pretzels, marshmallows, and most other special requests. We do avoid foods that will crumble into the chocolate.

Additional running time with our attendant may be added at a cost of $25 per hour.

A chocolate fountain may be used along with a wedding cake, or in place of it. If you don’t plan on having a cake, but would still like to have the traditional cake cutting ceremony, we can provide an 8″ wedding cake for you for only $35.00.

We can also provide your champagne or punch fountain! Please contact us for details

Proudly serving Akron, Canton, all of Northeast Ohio, and beyond!